35mm Film Camera - Canon TL SLR w/ Super Macro Lens (Vintage)

  • $109.99

Vintage 1969 Canon TL 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera*

Camera is pre-owned, fully tested by FPP's Michael Raso and ships with new batteries and ready to shoot!


  • Canon TL Camera
  • Canon FD 50mm SSC f3.5 macro lens
  • One Roll of Film

This vintage Canon TL has been tested by FPP's Michael Raso. Although this camera has through-the-lens metering it is being sold as a manual camera. A new battery has been installed and although the internal light meter appears to be working just fine, we do not guarantee it. The camera does not need a battery to function - battery is strictly for the light meter.

Camera is unique because a Canon 50mm macro lens is mounted on it. This lens can focus down to 0.9 inches!!! Amazing! This is a newer FD lens that can also be used on other Canon QL slr cameras as well as the Canon FD cameras (AE-1, T50, T70, etc).

Camera uses the awesome QL - Quick Load system that makes loading film a snap!

The manual focus Canon TL is one of the simplest camera in the Canon FL arsenal. Shutter speeds from "B" (bulb) up to 1/500th second (including "X" for flash). The camera has a "cold shoe" on top so you can mount any flash that has a PC cord (like the FPP M50 flash). Flash not included.

You can download the manual for the TL RIGHT HERE at the Mike Butkus Camera Manual Site.

    *Please note that this camera is fully tested and is guaranteed by The (FPP) Film Photography Project for 30 days. Camera is vintage and may have a few scuffs and/or physical imperfections. These imperfections will not affect performance. Due to the cameras age, we do not grade the lens glass, inspect seals or test shutter accuracy.


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