110 BW Film – Fukkatsu 100

  • $8.99

iso 100 / 1-Roll / 24 Exposures
Soft expired 12/2018

The FPP is thrilled to bring you the VERY LAST BATCH of Japanese Fukkatsu 110 film! Batch-tested, ready to load in your favorite 110 camera!

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Note: As with all Instamatic film it is recommended you tape up the back window of your camera (with black tape) to avoid possible light leaking through the backing paper.

above: Image shot by Randy Jennings on his Canon 110ED / Fukkatsu 110 b&w film.

Notice: It has come to our attention that the Fukkatsu factoy used the wrong tabbing cartridges for the BW 100 film. In most cameras, it won't matter but in more sophisticated camera (like the Pentax Auto 110), the camera will read the film as ISO 400. Likely, the film has enough latitude to handle. As with all expired films, we can not guarantee results.

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