120 BW Film - Kodak Verichrome Pan (1 Roll)

  • $19.99

Kodak Verichrome Pan BW / 120 / 1 Roll / iso 125

Cold-Stored Expired 01/2004

Kodak's Verichrome is an amazingly "hearty" film that can withstand years of storage and still produce excellent images! Film has been stored in a freezer since the day it was purchased! Supply is very limited so please order today!

Kodak Verichrome Pan

above: Verichrome Pan is an AMAZINGLY STABLE film. Image shot circa 1960 and processed in 2012 by Michael Raso  - below: Smoove Sailor Alan Walker shot on expired Verichrome Pan film in 2010 by Michael Raso

Please note that your results from expired film will vary greatly and all sales of expired film are non-refundable and for adventurous photographers only!  As with any film that has expired, expect some speed loss and contrast shifts in your processed film.

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