35mm Film Camera - FPP Mod Infrared Ultra WIDE Camera

  • $99.99

It's the FPP Mod Infrared ULTRA WIDE Camera!

FPP - because it's exclusive to the FPP!
Mod - because we've modified it by hand with filters to shoot our Color Infrared Film!
ULTRA Wide - because it has an ultra wide 22mm lens!
Camera - because it shoots our 400 iso 35mm Color Infrared Film (and BW 400 iso film too)!

Packaged in a box with two rolls of FPP Color Infrared and  one roll of FPP BW 400 35mm Film! Perfect, unique gift for the film-lover in your life!

The all mechanical / all plastic camera uses 35mm film and has no electronics or need for a battery to function! Hand-modified by Michael Raso to shoot Infrared and BW 400 film. Shoot AMAZING images!*


  • Load and unload in near darkness. 
  • Keep the camera out of direct sun. Keep the camera in its "bubble wrap" pouch as to not scratch the color gels over the filter when removing from your pocket or bag.
  • Don't force advance beyond the 24 exposures (film might rip off its spool).
  • Ship the film in its light tight black canister.
  • Label the Film BIG - COLOR INFRARED - E6
  • We ONLY recommend TheDarkroom for processing this special film.
  • Shoot ONLY in Broad Sunlight - Infrared film needs IR light. Shooting in shade (or back lit) will produce poor results.
  • Your results will vary! Have fun shooting!

above: Image shot with the FPP MOD Infrared ULTRA WIDE Camera / FPP Color Infrared Film

*Color Infrared Film LOVES green trees and plants (they turn red!). Please shoot in blazing, broad daylight. Plastic point 'n shoot cameras do develop light leaks over time. Please consider taping the seams in the back door to avoid light leaks. We only recommend The Darkroom for processing your Color IR film.

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