35mm Film Camera - FPP Plastic 35

  • $19.99

Introducing the FPP Plastic 35 Camera! The perfect gift for YOU or the film-lover in your life!

What is it?
The FPP Plastic 35 is a 1980s new-in-box vintage camera manufactured in Hong Kong (our best guess) for the Ford Motor Company. It comes packaged in a faux leather case inside a nifty Ford Motor Company box. Where has it been sitting all these years? In a suburb of Motor City (Detroit, Michigan), of course!

The FPP Plastic 35 has a fixed 50mm lens and is focus free. The all mechanical / all plastic camera (with a weighted bottom plate that gives if "heft"!) uses 35mm film and has no electronics or need for a battery to function.

It has a fixed shutter speed (best guess 1/100th sec) and four f-stops. The f-stops are Cloudy (f 6), Clouds with some Sun (f 8), Sunny (f 11) and Super Sunny (f 16).

The camera has a port for a cable release, a hot shoe (for electronic flash - not included) and a tripod thread. Need a FLASH? Get the FPP 50m HERE!

100 - 200 iso film is recommended for use in daylight or with flash.

ALERT -The rewind on plastic cameras break very easily. Please be very careful and make sure you "pop" the bottom tab before rewinding your film. Each camera is checked before shipping to you. We can not replace the camera if you break any plastic.

What's in the package?

  • FPP Plastic 35 Camera (boxed)
  • One roll of randomly selected 35mm sample film (12 exposure or more)!

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