35mm Film Camera - Kodak Funsaver SPORT (Waterproof)

35mm Film Camera - Kodak Funsaver SPORT (Waterproof)

  • $12.99

Kodak SPORT 35mm Single Use Color Film Camera!

27 exp / 800 iso / Color (process C-41)

The 35mm SPORT is a popular one-time use camera that's loaded with Kodak 800 ISO color film, so you know you're going to get rich, vibrant colors as well as exceptional details in your pictures. Completely waterproof for pool, lake, bathtub or beach use!

Easy to grip and take pictures, even when wet.

  • Water proof to 35 ft.
  • 27 exposures.
  • One-time use camera, loaded with 35mm Kodak Max 800 film.
  • Rugged, shock resistant design.
  • Sharp/Best Lens: Specially designed Ektanar lens, scratch and sunscreen stain resistant.
  • Sharpest pictures: Ektanar lens together with Kodak Max Versatility Plus Film provides the sharpest pictures*.
  • Develop at https://thedarkroom.com/ or any store that develops color film.

Kodak recycles: 100% of this camera by weight will be reused or recycled when your photofinisher returns it to Kodak.

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