35mm BW Film - PolyPan F 50 (1 Roll)

  • $10.99

PolyPan F 35mm BW Film

24 exp / 50 asa (no DX coding)

Discontinued! Limited rolls available!

PolyPan F - perfect for creating dreamy portraits or soft, lush landscapes. According to friend-of-FPP Mike B ( Blia100 ), PolyPan F is actually motion picture copy film, "that has little to no anti-halation layer, and can give beautiful bloom effects in bright light.  It is also a very thin film, but surprisingly doesn't scratch easily, perhaps because it is a cine film it needs to be robust."

Polypan F film can be home processed (see The Massive Development Chart on-line) or send your film to The Darkroom for processing, scans, etc.


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