620 Color Film - CineStill 800T (1 Roll)

620 Color Film - CineStill 800T (1 Roll)

  • $14.99

CineStill 800T 620 /  Tungsten Balanced* Negative / 800 High Speed iso** / 1-roll

** Note that 100 iso or 200 iso film is recommended for most 620 cameras. This high speed color film is recommended for 620 cameras that have manual shutter and f-stop speeds. Consult your camera manual. Using a hand-held light meter is recommended.

This film is modified and hand-rolled by FPP to a new, plastic 620 film spool for use in your 620 film camera. Due to the hand-rolling process, the film and results are not warrantied by CineStill.  

How many images do I get per roll?
Each roll will deliver 8, 12 or 16 shots depending on your camera. Check your camera manual. No manual? Download one from our good friend Mike Butkus here.

What is CineStill film?
CineStill film is Kodak motion picture film chemically pre-treated to remove the black carbon layer (RemJet layer) and anti-halation layer allowing the film to be processed standard color C-41 processing by your favorite lab. It can also be processed at home using the FPP C-41 Home Processing KitThis chemical pre-treatment gives CineStill film a unique look unlike any film.

How do I get it processed?
We recommend sending your film to The Darkroom. An order form will be included with your film.

*Tungsten film is designed to be shot in INDOOR or STUDIO lighting. To render normal color use an 85 Filter over your lens in daylight. Shooting without a filter out of doors will produce a Day-For-Night effect with blue hues.

Hand-Rolled 620 roll film for 620 film cameras. About the spool your film will be rolled on - Original vintage Kodak spools were metal. Our FPP 620 Spool is mold injected and is just a fraction thicker due to the fabrication requirements.  Our spool will be snug in 1% of 620 cameras. It will loosen with repeated use (if you re-use your spool or can be easily sanded down with a piece of sandpaper.)

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