620 BW Film - Lady Grey 400 (3-Roll Pack)

620 BW Film - Lady Grey 400 (3-Roll Pack)

  • $29.99

Lady Grey 400 BW

620 Format - 3-Roll Box - 400 iso* - Process: BW

The Film Photography Project on-line store is thrilled to present Lomography 400 iso BW film in 620 format. Each roll is hand-rolled onto a new FPP mold-injected 620 film spool by Michael Raso. Recommended for manual 620 film cameras that allow shutter and aperture adjustment.

* Note that 100 iso or 200 iso film is recommended for most 620 cameras. This high speed BW film is recommended for 620 cameras that have manual shutter and f-stop speeds. Using a hand-held light meter is recommended.

The 620 Film Spool

Your film is hand-rolled onto a authentic, valuable, re-usable 620 film spool! Our 620 spool will fit all 620 cameras but may be snug in Kodak Tourist and Anscoflex II cameras. 

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