Flash (Electronic) - FPP RPS Auto Bounce Flash

  • $49.99

FPP's very own electronic flash for your favorite film camera! This beefy "auto-bounce" flash includs the following specs:

• Automatic flash has a GN of 82 (ISO100/ft).
• Dual range automatic
• Bounce, swivel, AND zoom
   feature for lenses from 24-200mm.
• Test button and auto-check light.
• Use with either hot shoe or PC cord (cord included).
• Uses 4 “AA” batteries (not included).
• Safe for use on digital cameras
  (Non TTL flash mode)

The FPP "Auto-Bounce" flash is newly manufactured and ships in its factory package.

RPS Auto Bounce Flash

FPP RPS "Auto-Bounce" Flash pictured above. Perfect for cameras with a "hot shoe" and older cameras that need a PC cord (pictured below). PC cord included!

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