Vintage Polaroid Camera - Sun 600 Instant

Vintage Polaroid Camera - Sun 600 Instant

  • $49.99

Vintage Polaroid Sun 600 Instant Film Camera

above: TV advert from the 80's about the Polaroid Sun 600 with Hugh Laurie.

Released by Polaroid in the early 1980s, this iconic camera features an automatic flash. Camera also features a tripod thread on the bottom on the camera. 

Camera uses Polaroid 600 film available here.

Additional features include:

- Lens: 116mm f/11. Single-element plastic
- Polaroid Auto Focus / Shutter: electronic 1/4 - 1/200 sec.
- Exposure system: programmed automatic
- Built-in electronic flash
- Automatic flash exposures for all pictures (flash always fires)
- Black plastic body - flash unit flips down to protect lens and controls.

Please note that our cameras have been fully tested by FPP's Michael Raso. All of our cameras have been pre-owned and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections scuffs or marks. Cameras are not shipped in their original box. Camera shipped may have different lettering color than pictured. Any imperfections will not get in the way of making great, great images.

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