Minolta 16 Subminiature Film - Kodak Vision 200T Negative

Minolta 16 Subminiature Film - Kodak Vision 200T Negative

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Minolta 16

Film for your Minolta 16 Spy Camera!

Kodak Vision 200T
50ft (30m) / iso 200 / One-sided Perf / Process ECN-2

Please READ ALL info on this page before purchasing this film.

Kodak Vision 200T 16mm Film (expired). This 50 foot roll is for home rolling into your Minolta 16 cartridges. This is film on a core - it does not include any Minolta 16 cartridges.

Please note that film is expired, batch tested and is cut down from larger rolls to a 50ft roll on a core. Ships in dark bag in a plain FPP box.


  • Color Negative
  • 16mm x 15m (50 ft)
  • Perforation: One-sided
  • Used with Minolta 16 camera (or other still camera that can use 16mm film)
  • Process: positive ECN-2
  • Film is rolled on 16mm core
  • Limited rolls available

Processing Info
This film is process ECN2. Please note that this film can only be processed by Film Rescue (order form included with order). It can also be home processed using our FPP color negative kit

This is an expired film. We do not guarantee results and it is not returnable. This film has been tested by Michael Raso. Please see Michael's test shots and notes below.
Good luck shooting!!

Film Batch Tested - Examples

      Pictured Top: Bond, James Bond! George Lazenby shootin' film in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"!

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