16mm Film - Single Perf Expired - Kodak Plus-X 7276 Reversal - 100 ft

  • $24.99

Kodak Plus-X 7276 Reversal Film - Expired Circa 1980 
(Batch Tested)
100 ft (30m - Single Perf) on a 16mm daylight spool.
Daylight - 50 iso - consider shooting at
lower ISO due to age.

above: Batch test using Bolex H16 camera / Paterson, NJ
Shot at 25 iso. Processed reversal (positive).

We batch tested this film (see pics).
Perfect if you need film to
test your camera or are looking for that
"classic" Plus-X "look"!.
Your results are not guaranteed.

Kodak 7276 spec sheet here.

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