16mm Film - Single Perf - Kodak High Contrast 7363 - 100 ft

  • $50.99

Kodak High Contrast 7363 High Contrast
100 ft each roll (Single Perf) on a 16mm Daylight Camera Spool

ISO 25 - Blue Sensitive (Shoot in Daylight)

EASTMAN High Contrast 7363 is a medium-speed black and-white film. This blue-sensitive film is characterized by high contrast, excellent sharpness, and very high resolving power.

This 16mm film is for all 16mm cameras that accept a 16mm 100 ft daylight spool. (This film will not work in 8mm Bolex or other 8mm cameras). We do not accept returns on movie film.

above: Film test using 7363 at Hon Fest 2019, Baltimore, Maryland.

The Film Photography Project can process/scan your movie film.
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