Super 8 Film - Kodak 50D Color (Film-Processing-Scan Kit)

Super 8 Film - Kodak 50D Color (Film-Processing-Scan Kit)

  • $79.99

A little bit of Hollywood in your Super 8 camera? Yes! Kodak's world-famous Vision 3 Motion Picture films stock available in a 50ft Super 8 Cartridge!

Processing and Scan included in prices

This awesome kit includes a 50 foot cartridge of Kodak 50D Super 8 color negative film* (about 3 minutes), a pre-paid mailing envelope to send your roll to the Pro8 lab, chemical processing of your film, digital film scanning and encoding to a universal computer file format. Your digital file will be emailed to you for downloading and your original film mailed to you on an archival safe reel for preservation.

50D is a 50 iso DAYLIGHT Super 8 Film stock that is perfect for BRIGHT SUNNY days. 

* This is a color negative film perfect for scanning, not projecting in a Super 8 projector. If you want a film to project in your living room, we suggest Kodak Tri-X BW or WittnerChrome 50D Chrome Super 8 film.

above: Filmmakers Michael Raso and Henrique Couto talk about shooting the Super 8 Short Parody "The Silent Dead".


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