35mm BW Film - Kodak LPD4 High Contrast (1 Roll)

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One Roll / iso 4 / 24 exposures / Discontinued / Expired

Discontinued film hand-rolled by Michael Raso

Kodak LPD4 (35mm) is a low-speed, high contrast, orthochromatic (blue sensitive). Originally intended for direct-image duplication of printed-circuit masters, engineering drawings, and line negatives generated on photoplotters, this film has caught the imagination of film photographers everywhere for it's unique look. Never indented for pictorial use, when used in your still camera this film will produce extreme high contrast positive images. (You can read all the Kodak Specs here)

Photographer Doug Golupski refers to Kodak LPD4 as a "painterly film" for its unusual tones. This is not an easy film to shoot and it is recommended that you process and scan your own images.

This is a weird and experimental film when using for pictorial. There are no charted development time so results are not guaranteed.

Shots by Mark Dalzell - Shot at iso 4. Developed in D76 Stock 8min@72F

How do I meter for iso 4? You must dial the asa manually into your camera or use a hand-held meter. Note that you can download the Light Meter App for your phone. 

NOTE: Blue Sensitive films need to be shot in daylight or using a flash/strobe. Avoid using a yellow filter or shooting in tungsten (indoor) light.


Below:  Kodak LPD4 images from Doug Golupski! "Shot as ISO 2.7 developed with D76 1+1 at 68f for 13 minutes. (Xmas tree shot was a 2 minute exposure so surprisingly reciprocity isn’t that big of an issue - ISO 2 or 1.5 for my next rolls)".

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