35mm BW Film - Mr Brown Low ISO (1 Roll)

  • $12.99

1 Roll / 35mm / BW / 24 exposures / iso 6

This rare, super limited, hand-rolled run of Mr. Brown film is a high contrast BW film that processes beautifully in classic developers like Xtol, D76 or HC-110. The grain is smooth and sharp and easy to scan.  It lies very flat with no cupping while scanning due to it's super thin but super strong base.

How do I meter for ISO6? You can use a hand-held light meter (like the Gossen Luna Pro, smart phone light meter app or our Black Cat Exposure Guide) or set your meter for iso 25 (and then open up two stops). Also note Canon EOS film cameras will dial down to ISO 6 so you can set it and forget it!

Mr Brown Low ISO Film Image by Mark O'Brien

above: Image shot on Mr Browen Low ISO Film by Mark O'Brien. Read Mark's blog about this awesome film here!

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