35mm Color - Agfa Vista 200 (1 roll)

  • $6.99

1 Roll / 35mm / 24 exp / 200 iso / Process C-41 / DX Coded

A favorite of many shooters, we're offering the last batch (dated 09/2019) of beautiful Agfa Vista 200 in 24 exp rolls. While supplies last!

above: Image shot on Canon AE1 Program / Agfa Vista 200 by La fille renne - On Flickr / On Instagram - La fille renne's website - La fille renne

AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 is a daylight-type ISO 200 color negative film that incorporates the recently developed Super Uniform Fine Grain Technology to achieve high image quality. Wherever you are and whatever event you want to capture on a photo.; this versatile film is always at the ready. Ideal for snapshots for indoors and outdoors, with or without flash.


  • Traditional color negative film
  • C-41 process
  • Excellent grain quality
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Excellent skin color reproduction
  • Excellent sharpness

Where do I process Agfa Vista 200?  Processing is standard C-41 and can be processed in your home darkroom using the FPP C-41 Kit or anywhere that offers color processing/prints. We recommend TheDarkroom.com for mail-order processing. They ship international!

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