Yodica 35mm Creative Films

Marketed as “creative color films with special effects,” Yodica films come in seven vibrant varieties, with the packaging and names of the films – Antares, Sirio, Vaga, Atlas, Andromeda, Polaris and Pegasus - reflecting the fun, far-out and totally groovy looks you can achieve. Priced at $12.99 per 36 exposure roll, they make perfect gifts for the novice film shooter as well as the advanced film photographer “who has everything”.  See below for a break-down of the differences in the varieties and image examples:

Antares – warm colors at the top of your frame are balanced by the cool tones on the bottom.

Sirio – green and blue tones throughout give a cool effect to your subjects.

Vega – cool top tones are complemented by the warm orange bottom.

Atlas – expect the unexpected with rainbow colors extending throughout the roll!

Andromeda – see the world through rose colored glasses!  Yodica’s Andromeda film gives a pink complexion to everything you shoot.

Polaris – soft blues undulate through each frame.

Pegasus – a horizontal rainbow of colors extending from side to side of your shot!