110 BW Film – Fukkatsu 100

  • $7.99

iso 100 / 1-Roll / 24 Exposures
Soft expired 12/2018

The FPP is thrilled to bring you the VERY LAST BATCH of Japanese Fukkatsu 110 film! Batch-tested, ready to load in your favorite 110 camera!

READ THE BLOG - The Mystery of the Missing Fukkatsu 110 Film!

Note: As with all Instamatic film it is recommended you tape up the back window of your camera (with black tape) to avoid possible light leaking through the backing paper.

above: Image shot by Randy Jennings on his Canon 110ED / Fukkatsu 110 b&w film - below: Fukkatsu 110 bw film shot with the Pentax Auto 110 by Patrick J. Clarke (from his Flickr Photostream)

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