110 Film Holder (for scanning 110 film)

110 Film Holder (for scanning 110 film)

  • $39.99

Lomography Digitaliza 110 Film Holder for 110 Film
110 Film is back! Available now - an awesome film holder so you can scan your 110 film negatives at home!!!

The new DigitaLIZA 110 scanning mask holds your negative perfectly in place and allows you to scan in any shape and size you desire on any modern flatbed scanner with a backlight unit. (If you can scan film negatives on your current scanner, then the Digitaliza 110 will work for you.)

Scanning your 110 films has never been easier! Whether taken with a Lomography Diana Baby 110, Fisheye Baby 110 or any other 110 camera on earth, the DigitaLIZA makes everything a breeze. Perfect for helping you share those pocket-sized photos with the world!

Now, scan your 110 film at home. Heaven!

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