116 / 616 Bulk Film - 65mm Kodak Vision 100T Expired (for DIY rolling)

  • $99.99

Kodak Vision 100T 65mm perforated expired color film.
Tungsten Balanced (use 85 orange color correction filter in daylight)
Process Only: ECN-2

Please READ ALL info on this page before purchasing this film.

50 ft (15 meters) roll of perforated 65mm color film. In order to shoot in your 116 or 616 camera you will need to roll your own.

What you will need
You will need a 116 or 616 film spool (depending on what camera you have) as well as backing paper and some paper tape. In a completely dark room you will need to cut and roll your film.

Processing Info
This film is process ECN2. Please note that this film can only be processed by Film Rescue or The Little Film Lab. It can also be home processed using our FPP color negative kit. If home processing, you will need a 116 sized (70mm) film tank or DIY-it in a bucket.

This is an expired film. We do not guarantee results and it is not returnable. This film has been tested by Michael Raso. Please see Michael's test shots and notes below.
Good luck shooting!!

Film Batch Tested - Examples

above: First test using my vintage No. 1a Pocket Kodak Junior Camera / Film hand-rolled onto vintage 116 spool and backing paper / FPP Kodak Vision 100T 65mm film (expired). The film is Tungsten balanced (and yielded a blueish image) so I made a few color corrections in Adobe Photoshop. I should have used a 85 (orange color correction) filter. The light leaks happened in my sloppy home processing. 

above: Sun was subdued. Also shot without 85 color correction filter. Underexposed shot tells me next time to shoot in blinding sun!

above: This time I shot in the correct light (tungsten indoor floods) but there wasn't enough light

What?! More questions!


FPP customer asks:
Q: I saw that it is 65mm film; correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't 116/616 70mm? What is 65mm film used for?

A: It's 65mm motion picture film. The same size film used for the latest Star Wars film. Yes, 116/616 is 70mm wide. 65mm will fit nicely in the 116/616 backing paper.

Q: How many rolls should it give me total?

A: This is the first time we're offering 50' rolls so we're not sure how many single rolls it will yield.

Q: I'm also interested in when it expired, and if I should rate it at a different iso.

A: It's Kodak Vision, which does not come with standard expiration dates. This is why we batch tested the film - so you can see what results we achieved. The film's ISO is 100. We would rate it around 50 ISO. Because many old time Kodak box cameras don't have f-stops or shutter speeds, just load and shoot. 


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