116 Film - Kodak Verichrome Pan BW (expired - 1 Roll)

116 Film - Kodak Verichrome Pan BW (expired - 1 Roll)

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Kodak Verichrome Pan BW / 116 / 1 Roll / iso 125

Expired 1974 / Suggested ISO: 25 - 50

Kodak's Verichrome is an amazingly "hearty" film that can withstand years of storage and still produce excellent images! 

NOTE: It is recommended with all pre-1980 roll film to make sure the tape holding the film onto the backing paper has not dried and separated the film (from the backing paper). Before loading (in a dark room or film changing bag), it is recommended that you unroll the film a bit until you feel the backing paper and the film. Make sure the film is still taped to the backing paper. If not, simply use a piece of paper or masking tape to re-attach the film. Roll back up and load into your vintage camera. Happy shooting!

Kodak Verichrome Pan

above: Verichrome Pan is an AMAZINGLY STABLE film. Image shot circa 1960 and processed in 2012 by Michael Raso

Please note that your results from expired film will vary greatly and all sales of expired film are non-refundable and for adventurous photographers only!  As with any film that has expired, expect some speed loss and contrast shifts in your processed film.

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