120 Color Film - WILD COLOR 3-Pack!

120 Color Film - WILD COLOR 3-Pack!

  • $24.99

Sample One Roll Each of Lomo's Wildest Colors!!!

The Lomo WILD Color 120 3-Pack!!

1 Roll Lomo RED SCALE!(c-41 processing)
1 Roll Lomo Purple! (c-41 processing)
1 Roll Lomo Slide 200! (E-6 or c-41 processing)

Roll 1 - Lomography 200 asa Slide Film is a versatile, 200-speed, color transparency film features high color saturation and dependable neutrals combined with pleasing askew skin tones. This special Slide film is made from the original Agfa RSX 200 emulsion! It is an excellent choice for daylight exposures under controlled conditions or electronic flash in a wide range of applications. Process as E-6 for color slides or C-41 for wild off-color negs!

Roll 2 - Lomo Red Scale Film! This special film gives you amazing orange-red hues with C-41 processing!

Roll 3 - Lomo Purple will give you Infrared-Type hues with standard C-41 processing! Shoot it anywhere from ISO 100 - 400 for varies colors!

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