120 Film Camera - PinBox DIY Pin Hole Camera

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The PinBox DIY (Do-It-Yourself) 120 pin hole camera
A camera kit that you assemble and decorate!

 Your kit comes to you in a nice sturdy envelope and you get all the parts and pieces you need to make a 120 film size pinhole camera.

PinBox Specs At-A-Glance:
  • PinBox is a DIY prototyping camera platform that teaches users how to build pinhole cameras by building PinBox. 
  • PinBox was designed with replaceable and reusable parts. The pinholes and winding keys are reusable. The body is replaceable. If PinBox becomes damaged, recover the reusable parts and build a new one. 
  • Make PinBox unique. PinBox is made of brown and black kraft-board. This sturdy materials is easy to find in craft stores and makes it simple to paint and customize PinBox with different looks.
  • Apertures are precision acid etched on stainless steel. They come in 10mm metal disks and are assembled onto the aperture assembly with kraft-board and vinyl.
  • Pinbox lens - 30mm / f200
  • PinBox is a 120 6x6 film camera. The photographer gets 12 shots per roll.

What you will find in the envelope is the kraft board pre-cut and scored pieces, spool keys, winding keys, 120 spool and of course a precision pinhole mounted on a disk for easy handling. Also is the instruction sheet with basics and online links for instructional videos. What you will need are various types of glue and adhesives and a roll of film. 

The assembly is not difficult but we fully recommend watching his assembly video first (above). In the video, Robert Hamm states the reason he uses certain types and the fact that not all are needed but why each item work best for that particular step.

It is estimated to take 45 - 60 minutes to assemble. Leslie Lazenby of the Film Photography Podcast assembled her camera and she reported it took a little longer to assemble. Leslie "glammed up" her camera and covered it with a stary night print paper, then embellished it when it was finished (pictured below).

above: Leslie's "glammed up" DIY camera!

Finished it’s the size of a smaller compact camera, solid and strong as the 120 spools help with the structural integrity!

Using this camera is like using any pinhole camera, the exposures will be longer than traditional cameras. It needs to be stable and still while exposing. Robert recommended a cheap clamping style cell phone holder to help attach it to surfaces or tripod.

To expose you 120 film, recommend a light meter app for your phone or you can use the FPP Black Cat Exposure Meter

The PinBox is fun to use and makes amazing images!

You will need 120 film - available HERE at The FPP.

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