126 Color Film - Focal 100 (20 exp roll)

126 Color Film - Focal 100 (20 exp roll)

  • $14.99

We dug deep in our film fridge and found some expired 126 cartridge film! Certainly the find of the year - Get out your instamatic!

This film (sold by K-Mart) has 20 exposures per roll and has a October 1981 expiration date. With currently no new manufacturer of 126 film, this is an awesome opportunity to shoot 126! Plus, those do-it-yourselfers can save the cartridge and re-load it with35mm film! 


This film has not been batch tested. Your results are not guaranteed. The value of thos product is the cassette shell and backing paper (for re-rolling your own). TheDarkroom can process, scan and print this film.


Save your cartridge and reload with 35mm film! (see video below)

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