126 Color Film - Kodak Gold (1 Roll - Expired)

  • $19.99

An FPP listener found this film in his Grandma's bedroom closet! Certainly the find of the year - Get out your instamatic!

Each roll of film is packaged in its original foil wrap with no box. No date but our best guess is late 1990s. We are listing these rolls as 12 exposure rolls but the roll Michael Raso tested was a 24 exposure roll!

Due to the expired nature of this film, it is recommended that you shoot this film in broad daylight and/or use a flash.

With currently no new manufacturer of 126 film, this is an awesome opportunity to shoot 126! Plus, those do-it-yourselfers can save the cartridge and re-load it with 35mm film

This film has been batch tested (shots posted on this page)! Your results will vary and are not guaranteed. TheDarkroom can process, scan and print this film.

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