127 BW Film - ReraPan 400

127 BW Film - ReraPan 400

  • $13.99

ReraPan 400 ISO 127 Size is a traditional black and white film from Japan. This film is for use in 127 cameras with masks for either 4x6.5cm size frames or 4x4cm size frames.

Examples of cameras that use 127 film: Primo Jr., Yashica 44, Kodak Brownie Bullet, Baby Rollei, Komaflex, Baby Pearl, Parvola, Walz Automat, Minolta Miniflex, etc.

If using a lab for processing, make sure to request your 127 spools to be returned to you. 

Developing Times:

  • ISO 100 Kodak D-76 stock  68 ° 8 min.
  • ISO 100 Agfa R09 1:50 68 ° 16. 5min.


  • Traditional black and white film
  • Fine Grain
  • Even Tones
  • Plastic Spools

Note: 127 roll films are very sensitive. The loading and unloading of the camera should always be performed in dim light.

above: Backing paper issue -  photo by Bert Liang 

It has been reported (in 2020) that back paper "bleed through" or "mottling" may occur. This may be a characteristic of this batch and we want you to be aware before purchasing. Note that current batches are newer than the reported batches

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