127 BW Film - ReraPan 100

127 BW Film - ReraPan 100

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1 Roll - ReraPan Black and White (127 Roll Film)
This film is discontinued. While supplies last.

Develop Process: BW

ReraPan 100 ISO 127 Size is a fresh, new black and white film imported from Japan. This film is for use in 127 cameras.

Examples of cameras that use 127 film: Primo Jr., Yashica 44, Kodak Brownie Bullet, Baby Rollei, Komaflex, Baby Pearl, Parvola, Walz Automat, Minolta Miniflex, etc.

The 127 Film Spool - Your film is factory sealed and rolled on an authentic, metal Kodak 127 film spool! These spools are valuable and it is recommended you request them returned from your lab. Recommended lab for 127 processing - TheDarkroom

127 Image by Tony Kemplen

Taken by Tony Kemplen with a Bencini Comet II camera in week 379 of his 52 film cameras in 52 weeks project.

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