220 Film - OLLIE'S CHOICE Expired Mystery Box (5 Rolls)

220 Film - OLLIE'S CHOICE Expired Mystery Box (5 Rolls)

  • $29.99

Ollie’s Choice! Mystery Box of Expired 220 Film.
5-Rolls of Expired 220 Film

Note: 220 film WILL NOT work in 120 Film Cameras!

Each box is random and I’ve done my very best to make sure there’s variety in every box. Can’t tell you what’s in each box but will be some assortment of BW or Color Negative or Color Slide (most likely a mix). ISOs will range from 50 iso to 3200 iso. All films are easy to process as BW, C-41 or E6.

Tips for processing and shooting.

Film loses sensitivity over time and color film will have some dye shifting. The general rule of thumb is to cut your ISO in half for every decade the film has aged. For example, shoot iso 400 film that is 1 decade old at 200 iso. If the film in your possession is not dated cut your film’s iso in half. If the canister looks old, shoot at an even lower iso. Use a camera where you can manually enter or override your iso.

How will I know how to process each roll?
If you look on each roll you will see the recommended process type (BW, C-41 or E6).

  • BW – BW uses standard BW chemistry.
  • C-41 – This process is for color negative film.
  • E6 – This process is for color slide film. Color slides can be mounted and projected on a wall or scanned just like a negative.

A lab like TheDarkroom will have no problem processing and scanning all of the above formats. If you shoot LOTS of film, consider starting to process your film at home. 

The film in your Ollie’s Choice box is expired and your results are not guaranteed. Expect color shifts and some funky results…or not. That’s what makes it all a mystery! Enjoy!!

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