35mm BW Bulk Roll (100 ft) - KODAK Tri-X 400

35mm BW Bulk Roll (100 ft) - KODAK Tri-X 400

  • $120.99

Kodak Tri-X 400 BW 35mm / 100 feet (on core) / iso 400 / process: BW

For bulk film loaders that accept 100 ft rolls of film

KODAK TRI-X Pan Film is a high-speed (ISO 400/27°) panchromatic film that is a good choice for photographing dimly lighted subjects or fast action, for photographing subjects that require good depth of field and fast shutter speeds, and for extending the distance range for flash pictures.

• Fine grain Good for producing high-quality images
* Wide exposure latitude Rich tonality maintained with over exposure and underexposure
* High sharpness Good for applications that require a moderate degree of enlargement
* High resolving power Good rendition of detail

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