35mm BW Film - FPP 100 iso - 1 Roll

  • $7.99

FPP 35mm Hand-Rolled bw 100
1 Roll / 24 exp / 100 iso / Non-DX Coded / Process: BW

What is FPP Hand-rolled 100 bw film?
This film is the beautiful emulsion ORWO un54 - a panchromatic medium speed BW negative film on a triacetate base.

above: image by Leslie Lazenby

Where can I get this film processed? 
Recommended developer for home processing is FPP D96 (5 minutes 30 seconds at 68degreesF)
You can process yourself or send it out to our fav lab TheDarkroom.com! If home processing consult the Massive Dev Chart and use the development times for Orwo UN54.

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