35mm BW Film - Kodak Fine Grain 5302 (Vintage Stock 1-Roll)

  • $7.99

Vintage Expired March 1972  
Kodak Fine Grain 5302 35mm Black & White Film
One Roll / iso 1 / 24 exposures

Hand-rolled by Michael Raso in the FPP Darkroom!

Eastman Fine Grain 5302 (35mm) is a blue sensitive positive motion picture film originally designed for direct contact copying titles and mats in motion picture work. Blue sensitive film needs to be shot in daylight or flash/strobe. Avoid yellow filtration and shooting in indoor/tungsten light.

Due to the long storage of the film over the past 40+ years we suggest that you shoot this at ASA 1! Your results will vary depending on what asa you shoot the film and what developer you use.

Film can be developed in chemistry like Kodak D76, HC-110, Ektol and others. This film can also be commercially processed by The Darkroom and other commercial labs that process black and white film.

How do I meter for such a low asa? 
Use a hand-held meter, phone meter app or the Black Cat Exposure Guide. You can also set your camera's internal meter to iso 25 and then open 4 f-stops.

Keep your film Light Tight! This film stock is subject to "light piping" when exposed to room light. Please load in dim light and store in a dark camera bag before and after shooting. If storing your film in fridge, freezer or home shelf, store in a light tight bag as well. What is light piping? Read our blog by Leslie Lazenby. As with all of our films being shot using vintage cameras, your results are not guaranteed.

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