35mm BW Film - Kodak Plus-X 5231 (1 Roll)

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1 Roll / BW / 35mm / 24 exp / 80 iso - DXCoded 100 iso / Freezer stored 2010

Experience the rich, creamy, gorgeous palette of Eastman Plus-X black and white Motion Picture Film in your favorite 35mm still camera!

This film stock has been discontinued by Eastman Kodak and is rare and certainly impossible to find in 35mm cartridges for still photography. Supply is LIMITED so grab your rolls today!

There is no Rem Jet on this motion picture film. Standard BW Processing.

Plus-X 5231

Previously only available in 400 and 1000ft rolls, the FPP, for an ultra limited time, offers Eastman Plus-X 5231 BW Motion Picture Film in convenient hand-rolled 35mm canisters of 24 exposures! This film stock was used for many, many years in Hollywood as the preferred BW film stock. Here's an NBC-TV link to one of the last motion pictures using Plus-X 5231!

NBC-TV News' Steven Louie wrote: "I recently sat down with director Paul Bunnell to discuss his latest film, “The Ghastly Love of Johnny X.” It’s a historic achievement partly because it’s likely to be the last feature ever shot on Eastman Kodak Plus-X 5231—an iconic film stock used in movies like Schindler’s List.

Plus-X is the stuff of legend for filmmakers like Bunnell, and its essence is built into the fabric of Johnny X. Not only was it shot and printed on black-and-white without a digital intermediate, but the production’s fate depended on gathering enough Plus-X from around the world to finish the movie, a feat Bunnell tackled with the help of his Kodak representative. So the journey to finishing Johnny X, spanning the better part of a decade, became interlaced with Bunnell’s struggle to find the last of the Plus-X—a second layer of drama embedded in the making of this film.  “I mean we don’t do movies like that anymore,” Bunnell says. “It’s the end of an era.”

Above images processed in Kodak D76 stock solution 68 degrees for 6 minutes. Water Stop Bath. Fixer for 5 minutes.

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