35mm BW Film - New Classic EZ400 (1 Roll)

  • $9.99

NEW CLASSIC EZ400 35mm BW FILM / 1 Roll / 36 exp / 400 iso - No DX Code / Process BW

EZ400 delivers a timeless, classic, quintissential black and white image.


EZ400 is a panchromatic black and white negative film that delivers beautifully retro yet sharp images. When rated at box speed, EZ400 yields contrasty images that retain plenty of detail in the highlights, with lightly subdued shadows. Suitable for all light conditions, EZ400 is versatile and capable.

Packaging: The container used to protect and store your 35mm cassette is made of kraft paper. The cannister is sturdy and strong, yet lightweight. Best of all, kraft paper is a fantastic alternative to plastic. The EZ400 containers are fully recyclable as part of a typical cardboard recycling program.


Film Grain:
EZ400 has visible and charming film grain. Your images will never be mistaken for a digital image because of the film's natural character.

If you prefer additional detail in your shadows, and some attractive blooming in your highlights, you can also expose EZ400 rated at ISO 200, without altering the standard development times (for ISO 400).

As part of our focus of moving towards more sustainable film photography, New Classic Film seeks to reduce plastic waste as much as possible. Although more expensive, we have chosen to package our film in custom made kraft paper containers, as opposed to the typical plastic. Plastic is way cheaper, but it is also significantly more problematic since it cannot biodegrade on its own and is recycled far less efficiently than paper. The easiest way to remedy the world's plastic problem is to use less of it.

How to Develop
EZ400 can be developed by your favorite lab (like TheDarkroom.com) or do-it-yourself! (See chart above)

Agitate or turn over continuously during the first 30 seconds, then for 10 seconds every following minute. These instructions should yield medium-contrast negatives.

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