35mm Chrome - FujiChrome 64T (Expired)

35mm Chrome - FujiChrome 64T (Expired)

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KODAK FUJICHROME 64T / (Expired 09/2009)
Discontinued / Low inventory!
Frozen in the FPP Studio Freezer since it was purchased from Fuji!

1 Roll - 35mm - 36 exposures - ISO 64 - Tungsten Balanced - Process: E-6

FUJICHROME 64T Professional is an ISO 64 speed tungsten-type high image quality color reversal film. In its speed class, this new film provides the highest degree of fine grain possible along with excellent resolving power. It also provides high saturation, rich gradation, faithful color reproduction and well controlled gradation balance. See the Fuji Data Sheet HERE.

Tungsten film is designed to be shot in INDOOR or STUDIO lighting. To render normal color use an 85 Filter over your lens in daylight. Shooting without a filter out of doors will produce a Day-For-Night effect with blue hues.

How Do I Process E6 Color Slide Film?
Home Process - If you home-process, use the FPP Rapid E6 kit for color slides or the FPP C-41 kit for cross-processed color negs!
Send it out - TheDarkroom.com - Send your Slide Film to The Darkroom for processing, scans and prints! Visit The darkroon's E6 Color Slide Page here - https://thedarkroom.com/e6-slide-film-processing/

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