35mm Chrome - Kodak Ektachrome 200 (1981 Expired)

  • $5.99

KODAK EKTACHROME 200 Daylight / (Expired 07/1981)

1 Roll - 35mm - 36 exposures - ISO 100 - Daylight Balanced - Process: E-6
Recommended ISO - 12 (due to age)

This is a vintage Ektachrome film purchased in bulk from a photographer. It was self stored. Our tests show increased grain and ciolor shifts. Your result will vary. As with all expired films, results are not guaranteed.

How Do I Process E6 Color Slide Film?
Home Process - If you home-process, use the FPP Rapid E6 kit for color slides or the FPP C-41 kit for cross-processed color negs!

Send it out - TheDarkroom.com - Send your Slide Film to The Darkroom for processing, scans and prints! Visit The darkroon's E6 Color Slide Page here - https://thedarkroom.com/e6-slide-film-processing/

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