35mm Chrome - Lomography 200 XPro (3-Pak)

  • $18.99

The Film Photography Project Store is proud to offer Lomography Color Slide 200 in 35mm! Packaged in a glossy and awesome  box, each box is crammed with three rolls of film! (What is Slide Film?)

What is "Chrome" Film? Chrome film is a color reversal film than develops into a color positive when processed via E6 chemistry. Ask your lab if they can process E6. Color positive film can be scanned (just like negative film) and is awesome because you can project color slides using a Kodak Carousel or other slide projector!

Lomography 200 asa Slide Film is a versatile, 200-speed, color transparency film features high color saturation and dependable neutrals combined with pleasing skin tones. This special Slide film is made from the original Agfa RSX 200 emulsion! It is an excellent choice for daylight exposures under controlled conditions or electronic flash in a wide range of applications.

The film is also recommended for all your cross-processing (X-Pro). For whacked out colors, huge contrast, and insane saturation, Cross-processing is the way to go! ( What is cross-processing? )

How do I process this film?

Home Process - If you home-process, use the FPP Rapid E6 kit for color slides or the FPP C-41 kit for cross-processed color negs!

Send it out - TheDarkroom.com - Send your Slide Film to The Darkroom for processing, scans and prints! Visit The darkroon's E6 Color Slide Page here - https://thedarkroom.com/e6-slide-film-processing/

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