35mm Color - Kirkland 200 Expired (1 roll)

  • $7.99

Kirkland 200 Expired / 200 iso / 24 exposures / process: C-41

Kirkland Color 200 is an expired color negative film. The label reads "Shur Fine" film but if you peel that off it reads Kirkland! Well, who makes Kirkland film?! We have no idea BUT pothman writes (on Instagram) "depending on the time it was made it might be awesome actual German AGFA film!" Makes sense since the label does say...Made in Germany!

Expired 2009. We tested the batch and recommend shooting at 50 or 100 iso. As with all expired films, expect increased grain and wonky colors! Enjoy shooting! Images posted shot using this batch!


    Image shot on Kirkland 200 Expired / Nashika n8000 camera

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