35mm Film Camera - FPP Plastic 35

  • $19.99

Introducing the FPP Plastic 35 Camera! The perfect gift for YOU or the film-lover in your life!

What is it?
The FPP Plastic 35 is a 1980s new-in-box vintage camera manufactured in Hong Kong (our best guess) for the Ford Motor Company. It comes packaged in a faux leather case inside a nifty Ford Motor Company box. Where has it been sitting all these years? In a suburb of Motor City (Detroit, Michigan), of course!

The FPP Plastic 35 has a fixed 50mm lens and is focus free. The all mechanical / all plastic camera (with a weighted bottom plate that gives if "heft"!) uses 35mm film and has no electronics or need for a battery to function.

It has a fixed shutter speed (best guess 1/100th sec) and four f-stops. The f-stops are Cloudy (f 6), Clouds with some Sun (f 8), Sunny (f 11) and Super Sunny (f 16).

The camera has a port for a cable release, a hot shoe (for electronic flash - not included) and a tripod thread. Need a FLASH? Get the FPP 50m HERE!

100 - 200 iso film is recommended for use in daylight or with flash.

What's in the package?

  • FPP Plastic 35 Camera (boxed)
  • One roll of randomly selected 35mm sample film (12 exposure or more)!

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