35mm Vision 2 Film - FPP EXP vision 100T (1 Roll)

  • $4.99

Expired Kodak Vision 2  - 100T 35mm Film - LIMITED TO 200 Rolls

Tungsten (Hot Light) Balanced / 100 iso / 24 exp / Expired 2007 / DX Coded / Process: ECN-2*

Results are unpredictable not guaranteed. We expect you will get enhanced grain and some color shifts.

*NOTICE: This motion picture film CAN NOT be processed by any standard commercial lab!

Process at home using the FPP Home Color Kit
or send your film to

"T" is for Tungsten! - Tungsten film is balanced for 3200 degrees K (Studio Lamps, Indoor Lighting) which means if you shoot it in daylight you will need an orange #85 filter. Shooting tungsten film without a filter in daylight will produce "blue" shots. One effect in daylight is to shoot portraits with a flash that has an #85 filter on it. Your subject will have the proper color balance but the backround will be blue. Shooting tungsten film in daylight is also know as "day for night" photography.

Day for Night

Photo by Michael Raso Michael says, "I shot Tungsten Film at dusk with an orange (85) filter over my flash. The flash corrects the skin tones leaving the rest of the shot to fall off to blues"

Why can't I process this film at my favorite C-41 lab? - Kodak's color motion picture films have an additional layer (on the shiny, not the emulsion side) called a "Rem Jet". Although technically this film can be processed C-41, this Rem Jet will foul commercial lab's equipment and there for can not be commercially processed. DO NOT BRING THIS FILM to a commercial lab or think you can "slip it through" - it will severely mess up their machines!!!

What commercial lab will process my negs, scan and or print for me? - See links above.

How do I process this film at home with FPP's Unicolor c-41 Kit?

In addition to the normal directions for C-41 home-processing please add the following step.

After your Blix, rinse your film in a half bucket of hot water (80 - 102 degrees F). With your thumb, gently rub the non-emulsion side of your film as you remove it from your film reel. Careful not to scratch the emulsion of your film. Final rinse under running water before submerging your film into the two-minute Stabilizer. You will see the black rem jet in your water as you rinse.

That's it! Hang your film to dry and then scan! Enjoy!!!!

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