620 BW Film - Lomo Earl Grey 100 (3-Pack)

620 BW Film - Lomo Earl Grey 100 (3-Pack)

  • $29.99

Custom, hand-rolled by Mr Michael Raso of The Film Photography Podcast!

Lomography 620 Medium Format BW Negative 100 asa (3-rolls)

Get out your 620 film camera and start shooting!

Earl Grey 100 is a general purpose, 100 speed film that exhibits fine grain, high sharpness and a wide tonal range of grays. It can be processed in many types of black and white developers. Use it for indoor or outdoor images. The film is characterized by deep, rich blacks and bright whites. 

The 620 Film Spool

Your film is hand-rolled onto a authentic, valuable, re-usable 620 film spool! Our 620 spool will fit all 620 cameras but may be snug in Kodak Tourist and Anscoflex II cameras. 

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