Ilford 50 Pan F BW (620 - 1 roll)

Ilford 50 Pan F BW (620 - 1 roll)

  • $10.99

Ilford Pan F Plus BW  / 620 Single Roll

- Rated at ISO 50
- Exceptionally fine grain
- Outstanding resolution & sharpness

PAN F PLUS at ISO 50 is the slowest of the ILFORD films, but when image quality, fine detail and lack of grain are more important than film speed, PAN F PLUS excels. 

Custom, hand-rolled by Mr Michael Raso of The Film Photography Podcast and perfect for Kodak Brownie and other "box type" 620 cameras.

Our 620 spool will fit all 620 cameras but may be snug in Kodak Tourist and Anscoflex II cameras. 

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