620 Color Film - Lomography Purple Faux Infrared (1 Roll)

620 Color Film - Lomography Purple Faux Infrared (1 Roll)

  • $14.99

Lomo Purple /  620 Color Negative / 100 - 400 asa / 1-roll / Process C-41


What film is perfectly matched to shoot in your favorite 620 film camera??! Lomo Purple, the awesome color print (C-41) film that replicates the classic look of Color Infrared without ANY filters on your lens!!! Just load it and shoot in any 620 film camera. 

The film can be exposed at a variety if iso settings, so, it's perfect for your Kodak Brownie or any other 620 camera.

Film is hand-rolled by Mr. Michael Raso of The Film Photography Podcast on an authentic, new, FPP mold-injected plastic spool!!!  This film will fit all 620 cameras but may be snug in Kodak Tourist and Anscoflex II cameras. 

Is LomoChrome Purple an Infrared film?

No. Whilst we were inspired by awesome infrared films such as Aerochrome, we decided to make LomoChrome Purple a regular color negative film and not Infrared. This decision was made based on feedback we received that people would love to get the effects of Infrared film without the hassle of using additional filters.

How do I develop LomoChrome Purple?

LomoChrome Purple is developed using C-41 chemicals. We recommend The Darkroom (They ship international!)

Do I need to use additional filters to get these effects with LomoChrome Purple?

No additional filters are needed to get these effects: they are produced totally naturally.

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