620 Color Slide Film - Fuji Velvia 50 (1 Roll)

620 Color Slide Film - Fuji Velvia 50 (1 Roll)

  • $14.99

Fujichrome Velvia 50 Color Slide Film!

620 format - 1 Roll - ISO 50 - Process: E-6

Velvia 50 provides the High Saturation and Vivid color that has become a Favorite of Photographers. FUJICHROME Velvia for Professionals [RVP] is a daylight type high image quality color reversal film with an ISO speed rating of 50. This film retains extremely fine grain, resolving power, sharpness and brilliant color reproduction. 

This film will produce a color positive when processed E6. We recommend The Darkroom!

Hand-Rolled 620 roll film for 620 film cameras. About the spool your film will be rolled on - Original vintage Kodak spools were metal. Our FPP 620 Spool is mold injected and is just a fraction thicker due to the fabrication requirements.  Our spool will be snug in 1% of 620 cameras. It will loosen with repeated use (if you re-use your spool or can be easily sanded down with a piece of sandpaper.)

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