Darkroom Supplies - LAB BOX 35mm / 120 Deluxe Daylight Developing Kit

Darkroom Supplies - LAB BOX 35mm / 120 Deluxe Daylight Developing Kit

  • $199.99

LAB BOX - daylight-loading film developing tank!
Develops 35mm, 120 and 620 film formats without needing a darkroom (or film changing bag)!

    LABBOX is a multi-format tank that allows you to develop film from start to end, in full daylight, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark.


    • LabBox Tank
    • D76 BW Developer Powder (makes 1 liter)
    • Fixer Powder (makes one liter)
    • 2x 1 Liter Container (for mixing your chemistry)

    LAB-BOX, HOW IT WORKS from ars-imago on Vimeo. More videos HERE.

    Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and its multi-format reel, the tank can be used for both 35mm and 120 Medium Format Film.

    • Universal and Modular: with one tank it is possible to develop both 35mm and 120 film rolls, simply by switching the loading module.
    • Compact and Portable: its compact size allows for easy carrying, in a bag or a backpack.
    • Quick and Easy: film rolls can be loaded and developed in daylight, through an intuitive and simple process.
    • Versatile and Professional: it is perfectly suitable for beginners, but will also meet the needs of more experienced photographers, offering the possibility to experiment with different developing processes.

    Not included but recommended:

    Once developed you will need a scanner to scan your newly developed negatives. We recommend the Epson v800 (not included). We do not accept returns on open items.

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