FakMatic 35mm to 126 Adapter

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The FakMatic 35mm to 126 Adapter
New, fresh 126 film is currently not being manufactured by any company. 
Shoot with your 126 Instamatic Camera using the FAKMATIC Adapter! 
Download Instructions (via WeTransfer) - https://we.tl/t-0ZW9mpVjOJ

What is it? This ingenious re-usable adapter (imported from CameraHack, Italy) allows you to spool 35mm film into the adapter so you can shoot with your favorite 126 camera.

Important! The FakMatic adapters comes without warranty and is not returnable. Please read the info on this page before ordering.

Will it work with my camera?- The FakMatic works best with Kodak X-15 and similar Instamatic cameras. It will not work with most vintage 126 cameras meaning you may have to purchase a vintage Kodak X-15 camera. The good news - vintage Kodak X-15 cameras are readily available. (You can purchase a fully tested X-15 right here at The FPP!). Scroll down to SEE the list of cameras that work with the FAK. Please do not email us to ask if the FakMatic will work with your camera - sadly, we don't know. If considering purchasing this adapter, remember,  you may have to purchase a vintage Kodak X-15 camera to use the Fak!

Read on!

What Do I Get?

  • One FakMatic Adapter (color may vary)
  • One bottom "Spacer" washerCHECK THE SPOOL’s SPACING: in rare occasions the cassette’s spool sits loose in the camera’s cartridge slot. If this is your case, you’ll need that little round plastic washer that’s included in the kit: put it under the FAKMATIC cartridge right below the spool (don’t put it inside the cassette). With this additional padding the film advance crank will firmly engage with the spool.
  • One Film StopperConsidering it’s difficult to tell how much film is left in camera, it is important at least to know when it’s finished. This is where the film stopper comes into play: it stops the film from winding when it reaches the cartridge’s film slot. When you feel that it’s impossible to wind the film, it means it’s finished and it’s time to replace it.


    Will it work with my 126 camera? What type of film? How many exposures per roll?

    • Camera - The FakMatic works best with Kodak X-15 and similar Instamatic cameras. It will not work with some cameras meaning you may have to purchase a vintage Kodak X-15 camera. The good news - Kodak X-15 cameras are very inexpensive. (You can purchase a fully tested X-15 right here at The FPP!)
    • What type film - Most Instamatic 126 camera have a fixed aperture and shutter speed (usually f11 / 1/90th sec) so 100 iso or 200 iso film is recommended to use in the FakMatic.
    • Use 24 exposure 35mm film - Please use no more than 24 exposure film (36 exposure film will get jammed).
    • Overlapping Frames - To avoid overlapping frames, on every other exposure cover the lens with your hand and shoot. Now, advance to the next frame, Each camera is a little different so experimentation is a must!

    above: improper advancing will give you overlapping frames. (Kinda cool if you ask us!)

    Avoid Light Leaks
    Please remember to tape the window on the back of your camera with light tight tape as well as taping around the camera door when shooting in daylight!

    How many exposures?
    Typically, a 24 exposure roll will shoot 16-20 frames, depending on the winding mechanism and needle tightness.

    This all seems like a lot of trouble! Is it work the effort!?
    We’re all different with different dispositions. For us at The FPP – absolutely. The challenge and joy of shooting with all the available 126 cameras makes it all worth it!

    Test Your Camera Before Use - If your camera has not been used for a long time, check that it’s still in good working conditions: no rust, or dry grease, dust, or dirt… The feed mechanism in cameras that were left unused for a long time could be very tight and cause a strong tension on the spools during the film advancement. 

    Recommended Bulk 35mm Film to use with your FakMatic!

    Customer Recommended 126 Cameras to use with your FakMatic!

    • Kodak Instamatic X-15
    • Kodak Instamatic X-15F
    • Kodak Instamatic 133
    • Kodak Instamatic X-35F
    • Kodak Instamatic 25
    • Kodak Instamatic 400 - Customer writes: Loads and winds when shooting perfectly in my Kodak Instamatic 400 without messing with the little groove thing :) will shoot a roll later this week. Thanks Film Photography Project! Edit: Shot a roll. Love it! Just loaded a second roll and the process took 2 minutes at most. My Instamatic has now become my favorite film camera to shoot with!
    • AgfaMatic 200 (or model 100)
    • Keystone K1010 - Customer writes: " You need to slowly and firmly advance the lever to trigger the shutter priming. Then hold your palm over the lens and advance using that teckique and press the shutter button for 3 frames between each exposure you take. The shutter should fire with no problem.
    • Braun Paxette LK 28 (Customer tested)
    • Rollei A26 (Customer Tested)
    • Rolleiflex SL26 Camera (workaround by Michael Raso

      Workaround to use the FAK in the Rolleiflex SL26 - If you clip a sprocket every two inches, you will smoothly be able to advance film and shoot.

      For color and panchromatic BW film, this task must be done in the dark. Orthochromatic films (like Ilford Ortho Plus, Ferrania ORTO, FPP Sonic and others) can be handled using a Red 5w Red Safety Light. (Note that red bulbs from the party store are not Safe Lights and will fog your film).

    What else?

    Adapters are very sturdy.. We import this product from Italy, so adapters are not refundable and we will not replace adapters that you break.

    What camera did you achieve success with your FakMatic?! Let us know so we can add the model to our list! Podcast@FilmPhotographyProject.com

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