Flash Bracket - FPP 490 Bracket

Flash Bracket - FPP 490 Bracket

  • $49.99

FPP #490 Flash Holder*

A Film Photography Store exclusive item engineered in our very workshop!

The Polaroid 490 mount will fit perfectly atop your 400 series folding Polaroid Land “pack” camera and has a “cold shoe” for any electronic flash that has a PC cord. The PC cord from the flash fits into the PC socket of your camera. Need a flash? We recommend the FPP 50m.

* The FPP #490 Flash Holder will fit in Polaroid Land Camera model #’s 420, 430, 440, 450, Countdown 70 and Countdown 90. We at FPP have done ample testing and have found that the electronic flash works best at 4 – 5 feet from your subject. Longer distances will require you to adjust the exposure to “lighten” with experimentation. 


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