Polaroid SX-70 Three-Pack by Impossible (3 Packs)

Polaroid SX-70 Three-Pack by Impossible (3 Packs)

  • $65.99

Film for your vintage Polaroid SX-70 in a money saving Three Pack - 8 exposures per pack (24 exp total)

You Get:

  • (2) Packs SX-70 Color
  • (1) Pack BW SX-70

Due to the experimental nature of Impossible films and the age of Polaroid cameras, we do not accept returns on impossible film. 

From Impossible: "A pack of eight instant color photos, white frames, for SX-70-type Polaroid cameras. The lower ISO of SX-70 film can capture greater detail in well-lit conditions. Colors are rich, tones natural, and emergence fast. The favorite of artists for decades, this is film for anyone who’s serious about making real photos on instant film."

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