Polaroid Type 100 Pack Film - FP-3000b (bw - 1 Pack)

  • $69.99

Discontinuation Notice / Price Increase: FP-3000b has been discontinued by FujiFilm. We regret that the price has increased due to the ultra-high demand and prices increases from our suppliers - The FPP Gang

Orders for FP-3000b shipping to US and Canadian addresses only.

Instant BW film for your Type 100 pack film camera!

3.25 x 4.25 - One Pack of 10 / Dated 2015
This item is non-refundable.

above: April-Lea image by Michael Raso / shot on FP-3000b

About: A “peel-apart” instant black and white film compatible with Polaroid Colorpack, Automatic 100 – 450 and most other Polaroid Pack cameras*

FP-3000b is unique in that it is one of the few BW instant films that produce a BW negative that yields a medium contrast image when scanned (see video below).

* Please note Fuji Instant BW Film FP-3000 is not compatible with the Polaroid 600, Spectra or SX 70 Cameras.

Additionally, be aware that FP-3000b is the incorrect asa for use with the Polaroid Big Shot Camera. You may receive pleasing results if you use a neutral density filter – experimentation required.

below: Scan your FP-3000b Neg Video.


below: How to use FP-3000b in the Polaroid Big Shot camera.


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